SBU will be enforcing many safety protocols (mask wearing, social distancing, etc). To really make campus safe, everyone will have to do their part. How strictly would you be able to follow those guidelines? 

I think it's a good idea to follow the safety protocols for our own safety and for the safety of everyone around us. I know for sure that I will be following those guidelines strictly. 

Can you see other students struggling to follow certain guidelines? Why or why not? We are talking about college students... many will want to see their friends, go out, etc. 

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I think not everyone is going to follow the strict guidelines. I see other students struggling to follow certain guidelines for the reason that many of us have not seen our close friends in a while which leads to many of us to break guidelines. But, hopefully I am wrong and everyone makes sure to follow the guidelines that are placed. 

How safe would you personally feel returning to a classroom environment? Why/Why not?

I personality feel safe returning to a classroom environment. I am just worried about professors and their safety. I think it's a good idea that before everyone comes back to campus, people should be tested for antibody. 

Are you living on or off campus? What worries do you have about life away from the classroom? 

I am living in townhouses next semester and the only worry that I have is that the same thing that happened last semester (the whole having to leave campus in short notice and having to continue the semester online) happens again. I personality prefer to learn from a classroom environment so hopefully classes don't end up online and that everyone can follow the protocols. 

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