In the wake of last week’s school shootings in Parkland, Fla., Rep. Tom Reed called for caution about “knee-jerk reactions” and passing legislation to pacify citizens without addressing broader issues.

“The problem is in need of a solution that is much broader,” said Reed, who represents the Greater Olean area in Congress. “I’m not here to do things that are just going to pacify the situation. I want to solve the problem.”

In a media call with reporters on Tuesday, Reed called banning assault weapons a “slippery-slope” with no clear end until all Second Amendment rights have been removed. He said the focus should be on the individuals committing crimes and not the weapons.

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In response to recent actions taken by survivors of the Parkland and other mass shootings, Reed said, “I applaud those efforts to raise the public pressure on congress. I accept that pressure.”

Over the weekend Reed and other members of the Problem-Solvers Caucus engaged in conversation about the issue of gun control.

“One very strong piece of optimism I will deliver to you on this issue is that the conversations I had over the weekend with members of the problem solvers caucus on both sides of the aisle were organic,” he said. “They were not driven other than members wanting to get something done and proactively trying to put this on our list of action items.”