OXFORD, UNITED KINGDOM -- Twitter was introduced to the public 10 years ago today. Over the past 10 years, it has become a powerful and influential communication tool, as well as a popular vehicle for posting and sharing personal information.

To mark Twitter’s anniversary, TAPintoGreaterOlean turned to tomorrow’s leaders -- a group of St. Bonaventure University students who are studying at Oxford University’s Trinity College this summer. Here are their thoughts about Twitter:

David Bryant: I honestly use my Twitter for news and seeing what distant friends are up to. It's a great outlet for being nosey without the the stigma.

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Mitch Rozansky: I use it to keep up with the sports world, mostly soccer, and share my thoughts on things that occur within the sport as well.

Mary Anneliese Quinlan: I use it for news. I follow eight or nine different sources, it's interesting to see what different news outlets find newsworthy.

JW Cook: I don't use Twitter hardly at all. It may be because I like photos more than short tweets. I find that Facebook and Instagram are better as you can post photos on an interface that is easier to view. I also need more than 140 characters to express my dissent with certain articles, posts, and news sources.

Beth Moore: I use it to look at news media outlets and cute pictures of puppies.

Stephanie Foster: I like to use it for news, keeping up with friends (new and old), and also like Beth Moore said, cute pictures/videos of puppies.

Taylor Douglas: Exact same as Steph.

Brenner Bachman: I like Twitter the most out of all social media because I can keep up with news, sports and all of my friends at the same time. It also is a place where I can watch funny vines/videos.