We learned SO much from Dr. Jandoli that it's hard to pin point what is the most important or what made the greatest impact.

I always loved these principles: "You learn to write by writing.  Write at length and in depth. The best writers are prolific."  But, it is a lot more than simply putting pen to paper or sitting in front of a computer screen.  It is a lot more than knowing grammar and mechanics. There is so much more.
He taught us to be intelligent about our topics; to research our topics.  You can't walk into an interview or write without background knowledge on the topic.
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He taught us to seek out accuracy.  Check and double check those facts.Your reputation and those of your sources are at stake.  Do you want to put your name on something that is poorly written and filled with "fake news" aka inaccuracies?  Professionals are falsely blamed for that so let's not give reason to be blamed.
He taught us ethics.  Your purpose for writing?  Facts checked? Background info accurate? Is it simple?  Do no harm.  Walk the high road.

Good things to know and follow not just for writing but for your life.

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