SBU will be enforcing many safety protocols (mask wearing, social distancing, etc). To really make campus safe, everyone will have to do their part. How strictly would you be able to follow those guidelines? 

If students are required to wear masks during class, while it may be an incredibly aggravating process, it can be done. If that’s required, everyone would be able to do it, although nobody would want to.Outside of the classroom is when problems may arise. Students will be resistant in wearing masks around campus on a regular basis. That’s why personally, I don’t know how much of a difference it would make if we did have to wear masks during the classroom. Besides the teachers, I don’t think it would be beneficial for anyone.

Can you see other students struggling to follow certain guidelines? Why or why not? We are talking about college students...many will want to see their friends, go out, etc. 

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At first, it may be easy for most students to follow the guidelines, but that could fizzle out quickly. If everyone is on campus, most students would want to treat it like any other year. Nobody will want to “do less” because of the virus.

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