How safe would you feel teaching in-person classes this fall? Why or why not?  

Personally, I don't feel safe teaching face to face at all.  I'm immunocompromised and my son is medically fragile.  For those two reasons, I'm applying to teach remotely for the fall.  My son's medical team feels this is necessary to ensure his health and protect him.  My medical team feels the same though about me.  I love our kiddos and Bonas but if this pandemic taught me anything it's that people don't follow rules well.  I saw too many people ignoring protocols with something as simple as wearing masks.  People were having COVID-19 parties like this was no big deal.  I personally saw a man refuse to not only wear a mask but also refuse to social distance as this was "a hoax perpetrated by liberal democrats".  I don't know where are kiddos have been, who they have been in contact with, and what they may be bringing back to school with them.  I have to protect my family and myself.

What precautions need to be put into place for you to feel safe?

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A vaccine and absolute, no excuse, following of protocols

What were your biggest takeaways from teaching online?

I need to become even more proficient with technology than I already am.

If you had to do it again this year, would you be okay with that?


What were your thoughts on the email from HR?

It sounds like the requirements for remote teaching are pretty specific to people who are at high risk, have family members who are at risk or have underlying health conditions. I think it was clear and necessary. It protects both me and the university, so I have no problem following this. In fact, both medical teams are in the process of writing the letters as we speak.

COVID-19 is not the flu.  It's not a joke. t's not a reason to have a party. It's not the time to feel you're invincible and you're not in the age group that it affects. People from infancy to very elderly have died from this. The WORLD does not label something a pandemic without reason. It's selfish and irresponsible not to follow protocols. Someone may not care what happens to him or her, but his or her actions are endangering someone else. I always thought when push came to shove people would selflessly care for themselves and others. Though we're seeing some of that, it's just not enough. I follow protocols. I protect myself and my family. The university does the same.  I just wish I knew for certain that every person returning to campus did so as well. If that were the case, I'd be back. But the reality is not everyone believes in following protocols because they don't think it affects him/her or it wasn't in his/her area. That kind of thinking is what's going to bring a resurgence. And that, my friend, is what will kill me and my son. I won't let that happen.

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