SBU will be enforcing many safety protocols (mask wearing, social distancing, etc). To really make campus safe, everyone will have to do their part. How strictly would you be able to follow those guidelines? 

The guidelines we have had to learn during this pandemic can be frustrating, time-consuming, and cumbersome. However, they exist to keep us safe. Being a healthy, non-immunocompromised, young adult is no excuse for evading these safety protocols. Healthy people can carry the virus and spread it without symptoms, putting everyone else in their life at risk if they are not careful. I will follow these safety measures to the best of my ability for the sake of my own health and the health of everyone in our Bonaventure community.

Can you see other students struggling to follow certain guidelines? Why or why not? We are talking about college students...many will want to see their friends, go out, etc. 

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Yes, I can easily foresee other students struggling with safety protocols. This pandemic has been a nightmare for people across the globe. It has endangered or taken the lives of loved ones, forced unemployment upon people, and added incalculable anxiety and sadness into people's lives. For Bonaventure students, it has been a cruel, impartial thief who has stolen precious weeks of memories, achievements, spring events, and happiness on campus. As the situation has gradually begun to improve in the United States, it is easy to fall into the mentality that the worst is over and we can return to our old normal ways. However, there is no old normal for returning. Our lives and ways of functioning within a society have been permanently changed. 

Returning to campus will be a relief for many students. There will be a strong desire to call back into normal campus life: class, club meetings, late night intramural games, and weekend outings. However, the new normal will apply to us at Bonaventure, too. We will still need to abide by safety protocols as advised by health officials. I think this will be a big problem on campus. 

How safe would you personally feel returning to a classroom environment? Why/Why not?

I am glad that the university will do everything in its power to bring our Bonaventure family together for the academic year and keep everyone safe, but I am still nervous being exposed to so many people in a contained space even if safety measures are in place. I will be grateful and happy to return to a classroom, but I will be exercising caution and safety around others.

Are you living on or off campus? What worries do you have about life away from the classroom? 

I will be living on-campus in a townhouse apartment. I am mainly concerned with potentially exposing my friends and roommates to the virus and by connection their family, friends, and loved ones. I am also worried about how one would be able to quarantine and/or isolate in their dorm/apartment after being exposed to the virus. I hope that the university will have guidelines to manage these issues and keep everyone in our community safe. I know this will not be easy, but I have faith that we will look out for each other and make the best of a difficult situation. 

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