Electricians, middle-school art teachers, 34-week-pregnant mothers and pediatricians came together in September to compete in the Tire Flipping Challenge hosted by Eade Fitness 24/7, located at 502 N Union St., Olean, New York.

Thirty-four weeks pregnant, Kristan Maiolo doesn’t look like a competitor in a tire-flipping competition.

But Michael Ellman, an electrician, and Kristan Maiolo, a photographer, competed in the team division Sunday and received the second-place prize, losing by less than half of a second.

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The event had 23 competitors in eight different divisions with different tires, weighing 185 pounds, 250 pounds, 340 pounds and 525 pounds.

The team competition required both the male and female competitor to lift their lowest division tire – the 185-pound tire for women and 250-pound tire for men – and flip it ten times in a row as quickly as possible one after another. The shortest time wins.

Women’s divisions included women’s novice, lifting the 185-pound tire; women’s intermediate, with the 250-pound tire; women’s open, with the 340-pound tire; and women’s Over 40, with the 185-pound tire.

Men’s divisions included men’s novice, lifting the 250 -pound tire; men’s intermediate, with the 340 -pound tire; men’s open, with the 525-pound tire; and men’s Over 40, with the 250-pound tire.

Competitors had three minutes to flip their tire as many times as possible, a half hour break and then another three-minute attempt. These two trials combine to make the competitor’s score.

Prizes were awarded to first and second-place winners.

“This is kind of our end-of-summer challenge,” said Paul Eade, owner of the facility. Each year he hosts two or three strength and endurance challenges.

Eade said he chooses events that worked multiple muscle groups and required some cardio endurance.

“(Tire flipping) is easy to teach and it’s easy to do,” said Eade, “With limited practice anyone would be able to flip it.”

In December Eade Fitness 24/7 will host ‘Power X,’ a high repetition power lifting competition. The winner of the competition will qualify for Nationals in March in Columbus, Ohio. To learn more about Power X or Eade Fitness 24/7, visit their website.

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