TAPinto: Do you agree with the findings of the Siena survey?

Dombrowski: I do agree, and I agree with what Gov. Cuomo is doing at a state level. When you compare it to the rest of the states in the country, I do agree with what he's doing, and I am supporting all these drastic measures he is implementing for these businesses, for our business as well. We went through very drastic changes even before New York or even the country implemented them. So, as they start rolling out, they’ve only helped our business. But obviously, it's hard on a hotel with amenities and services we usually offer. But the guests have been more than understanding. For the most part, we've just been doing anything we can to stand behind the government’s leadership and take their words of wisdom to our business to try and keep our employees and our guests that are coming here safe.

TAPinto What has the pandemic meant for your business and what specific things have you had to do because of it?

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Dombrowski: I mean you can imagine if you were to walk in my hotel right now, typically we have an indoor pool, we have a fitness room, a business room, and we offer breakfast. All of that is completely eliminated. They’re all shutdown so one can access them to avoid the group gatherings and people touching things but also to limit the space that people are coming in and out.  The breakfast area is now completely shut down. In our lobby, all the chairs are put up, and there is a grab-and-go option for breakfast. At the front desk we have shields and different things and there is no more stay-over service. So it's, it's very big changes, and we are definitely not offering any usual services anymore. You basically have the room in the front desk to interact with.

TAPinto: How has COVID-19 affected you personally?

Dombrowski: Obviously with our ownership, we're losing revenue just like the rest of the world now at a dramatic pace. We're dealing with that as well here, and to make up for those that lost revenue, you know somebody like me in my position, not to get too specific, is wearing a lot of hats. We've cut down at least 80% here, if not more. Personally, even with the loss of business, there's still a lot to do to keep the property maintained. There is a lot of responsibility like different calls at any time of the day to respond to or to make sure that my employees and the guests have what they need to be safe. I think that's the number one priority, and it’s like the captain-of-the- ship kind of a deal. Anything that's needed, I'm there for them and the guests.

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