We live in a time where the demand is “more now.” We want more of the things we like, and we want them as soon as possible.

This can be seen clearly in the amount of shows the internet streaming service Netflix released in the past year: well over 150 different shows, movies, documentaries and comedy specials. In the month of August alone, 47 Netflix original shows and movies became available for streaming, according to BGR.com. In full, Netflix has made available over 800 different pieces of content.

Before anything else, it must be stated that Netflix has uploaded some content that should be considered “quality.” Series like “Orange is the New Black,” “Stranger Things” and “House of Cards” have all received national acclaim and awards. Other series like “BoJack Horseman,” “American Vandal” and “Disenchantment” have also been received well by Netflix viewers.

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But with over 800 shows, movies, etc., released, it’s easy to understand how Netflix has produced some winning series. Netflix has also released series that are extremely subpar in quality. And that is not meant in quality of production. That is meant in quality of a compelling story.

Series like “Insatiable” and “Santa Clarita Diet” and movies like “To All the Boys I've Loved Before” have produced mixed reviews, but in general the stories are not good.

In the case of “To All the Boys I've Loved Before,” that could be a “hot-take” opinion. But the movie, other than the one plot point of the letters that sets the story into motion, nothing feels new or creative about the film.

The “Santa Clara Diet,” a show about a woman who becomes a cannibal/zombie and her husband who does what he can to help her through that, is not not great. It will be going on to a third season in 2019. Sometimes good shows keep going and no one knows why.

Then there is the show "Insatiable" that gets free publicity for having an extremely controversial topic and draws in viewers to see if the controversy was worth it. A high school student who had been overweight becomes hot after an accident and takes revenge on all the people who hurt her. The series in general is not entertaining, and it is a tough series to get through strictly for the lack of quality.

Netflix has realized that taking its time on series is important. "Stranger Things" season 3 will be coming out in the summer of 2019, but season two came out fall of 2017. That may feel like a long time to wait for a new season, but when the wait is long, the product should (key word: should) be better.

Still, new Netflix originals are being put on the site all the time.

One could look to a certain YouTuber to see that spending time on a product produces a better quality.

Shane Dawson is a YouTuber and has been for the past 10 years. In that 10 years, not only has Dawson’s popularity fluctuated, but so has his content. He gained fame for his shock comedy style sketches. He built on that popularity with music videos and parody videos. But Dawson lost his draw when he began doing challenge videos and do-it-yourself style videos. Around a year and a half ago, Dawson was making a video about every other day. Now, he’ll come out with miniature docuseries every month.

Instead of spending a day on one video, he’ll spend a little over a month on one project. Once that started happening, the video quality, editing and content all improved drastically. Quality over quantity.

Now, Dawson is one of the faster growing YouTube channels. In the past year alone, Dawson has gained almost 7 million subscribers, and in total he has over 17 million subscribers. To put into context his popularity, since he put quality over quantity, his most recent trailer for his newest docuseries has over 6 million views. The newest trailer for the highly anticipated Disney movie “Ralph Breaks the Internet” only has 4.5 million views.

Now, with Hulu having its own original content, Amazon Prime Video having its own original content, companies like Disney considering creating their own streaming services and television channels such as HBO already having streaming services as in HBO Go, it makes sense that Netflix is mass producing content. This way, the company can stay ahead of the competition. But, if people start abandoning the Netflix empire, it will be because Netflix put quantity over quality.

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