MIAMI — The first three days in Miami have been non-stop for our team from The Buzz. By Wednesday, we conducted 27 interviews on Radio Row, and we have nine scheduled for Thursday, including one with NFL Hall of Famer Jack Youngblood.

And before Radio Row, we did 15 interviews during Monday’s opening night at Marlins Park. Among them were 2019 MVP Quarterback Patrick Mahomes, All-Pro Cornerback Richard Sherman and Pro Bowl Defensive Tackle Chris Jones.

I asked Jones how difficult it is to tell the difference between a zone run or a play-action bootleg pass when trying to stop the 49ers offense. Jones responded, "They have been running this offense for a while, so they make everything look the same. They got Kittle (George) who can run, block and catch passes. It's tough, and the offense is so dynamic. They can have the same formation 40 times and run a different play each time."

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Being able to get into the player's heads about what they are thinking for the game on Sunday has been unbelievable.

The NFL and the volunteers make us feel like essential people at each event. I would say the NFL does a great job to keep people coming back for events like these every year.

As our new station manager Chandler Pocziwinski said, "It felt so good to be treated almost like the stars that we interview. It's not often that the media is treated almost like royalty. I have done my fair share of reporting, but I have never experienced anything quite like this."

On Tuesday, the NFL went a step further and hosted a media party for all members of the media night at a cruise line port. Food and drinks were free, and we members of The Buzz had the chance to network and book clients for the rest of the week. And we also got the chance to meet with future employers.

We have Radio Row interviews planned for the rest of the week with a variety of athletes including ESPN’s Mike Golic Jr., ESPN’s Will Cain, and NFL Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk will all be interviewed live on radio row.

St. Bonaventure University alum Justin Craig helped us book Golic, Jason Fitz and Cain.

That St. Bonaventure connection, the relationships between alumni and students, is so strong.