MIAMI – As Radio Row comes to a close with our best day yet, we are all reminiscing on the hours we have dedicated to journalism this week. On Friday, Radio Row was swarmed with fans all anxious to see their favorite celebrities and athletes being interviewed. As we looked around, we realized how lucky we were to be standing just inches from some of the most idolized individuals in their industries. Before noon, we were able to meet Lil Nas X, Katie Couric, MC Hammer and Tiki Barber. These interactions made us even that more grateful to have these opportunities.

My favorite interaction of the day was with Couric. She was being interviewed at the table next to us and had a few moments to spare before heading to her next scheduled event. Stephen Wilt and I spoke with her briefly and told her we were students studying journalism and communication. She was genuinely excited to hear this and wished us the best of luck in our future endeavors. I was in awe as I had the opportunity to take a picture and receive a prideful hug from Couric, a journalist I always admired growing up.

This industry is fast paced, and you simply never know who you will meet at any given moment. You need to be on your toes and ready to work wherever you may be. We learned this when we were catching our breath between guests and Dr. Oz’s press agent walked over to our table and asked if we would like to interview him at that very moment. You guessed it: We said yes. Just seconds later, Dr. Oz was discussing the risks of injuries in football with our very own Steve Wilt and Joe Ceraulo.

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The swarms of fans, unexpected celebrities and hectic environment all shaped the week that we had. It taught us to always act fast and adjust quickly because you never know who you will meet next. I feel honored to have worked with Isaiah Blakely, Nic Rohloff, Chandler Poczciwinski, Steve Wilt and Joe Ceraulo. The quality of work these students produce is well above their years – something that was mentioned by many radio stations around us.

As we prepare to travel back home, I would like to thank St. Bonaventure University and the Jandoli School of Communication for providing us with the opportunity to work on Radio Row alongside some of the industry’s best. Without everyone’s guidance, we would not have the skills necessary to do so. I will be forever grateful for the experience I had this week. It was more special than I could have ever anticipated.