At Tuesday night’s meeting, Hackensack’s mayor and council voted unanimously to adopt an ordinance to amend Chapter 170 of the Code of the City to add and remove certain bus stops within the city. This will increase the total number of bus stops in the city to 59. There are currently 30.

While City Manager Ted Ehrenburg said Hackensack, New Jersey Transit and engineer John Jahr of Brightview Engineering all “did their due diligence” he also addressed concerns from some in the public and stated alterations could be made if the new system experienced any issues.

“If it doesn’t work, it can be changed,” Ehrenburg said. “We are able to make adjustments and make it better.”

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“Eight or nine times, it’s been amended,” added City Attorney Steven Kleinman. “If there are problems, it is fairly fixable.”

In addition, council introduced an ordinance to establish the south side of Atlantic Street between State Street and Main Street as a No Parking Area.

Ehrenburg mentioned seeing photos residents had taken of cars double-parking and even triple-parking on the area in question, while Mayor John Labrosse pointed out it is essential for ambulances arriving at and leaving Hackensack University Medical Center to be able to use that section of the street to make wide turns - which necessitates the ordinance.

The City Council is expected to vote on the no parking ordinance at its next meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 13.