HACKENSACK, NJ -- Hackensack City Planner Fran Reiner went over redevelopment plans for 68 Zabriskie Street at Tuesday night’s Committee of the Whole meeting.

Situated between Route 4 to its north and Kinderkamack Road to its left, the property is approximately five acres and was previously designated as an area in need of redevelopment.  

If approved, the residential building would house a maximum of 380 units, which would fall between the 300-600 permitted by code and Reiner explained the plan is consistent with the State Plan, Bergen County Master Plan, the 2001 Master Plan and the 2009 Reexamination Report. 

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“It’s important to note, as part of the redevelopment process, the city gets to dictate the design standards, so we have requirements that the building be designed a certain way, quality and materials," Reiner said. “We also require that there are storm water improvements. If you’re familiar with this area, there is some flooding over by the train tracks, so we are requiring a developer come in with storm water improvements for this particular area to assist in the draining.”

The parking plan would also be consistent with the rehabilitation plan, Reiner added, with the first two levels of the six-story structure devoted to parking. 

If adopted by ordinance, the next step would be for the applicant to appear before the Planning Board with a site plan application, which would need to meet all the requirements of the redevelopment plan for design, layout and materials.