WASHINGTON -- Yesterday, Congressman Josh Gottheimer (NJ-5) was sworn into his second term as federal representative. Gottheimer was joined by his family, including his wife Marla Tusk, daughter Ellie, and son Ben, as he took the oath-of-office.

“I’m honored to be sworn in for a second term to represent New Jersey’s Fifth District in Congress and I’m looking forward to continuing the fight to lower our taxes and cut red tape, fix our crumbling infrastructure, protect our air and water, lower health care costs, get the backs of our veterans and first responders, and claw back more of our federal tax dollars from Moocher States to New Jersey,” said Gottheimer.

Gottheimer was first elected in 2016, ousting long-tenured Congressman Scott Garrett. This November, he rode the national "Blue Wave" to a 30,000+ vote victory over Republican challenger John McCann.