HACKENSACK, NJ -- Hackensack Chief Financial Officer James Mangin introduced the 2018 city council meeting Monday which totals $105, 065,733. 

Mangin explained that total spending is down $104,875 from last year. In addition, salaries and wages are down $485,000, or 1.16 percent, from last year.

“What that’s been attributed to, for the most part, has been attrition,” Mangin said. “There’ve been retirements and a lot of positions that have vacated, that haven’t been filled because what happens is - before a position is filled, we look to see if it’s absolutely necessary [to fill it] or if it can be combined with another position.”

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The department’s total operating expenses comes to a budget of about $6.7 million, which Mangin explained is an increase of only $40,000 from last year. 

“What that’s attributed to is our department heads really holding the line on spending,” he said. “The single biggest increase in the 2018 budget is in the insurance line, specifically health benefits.”

Total insurance is up $1,509,000 over last year. Mangin attributed this to the fact that Hackensack is a self-insured community for health benefits and there were an increased number of health claims in 2017. 

“We’re going to have good years and we’re going to have bad years,” Mangin said. “We’re taking steps to control those claims.” 

The budget is set to be examined in greater detail - including a power point presentation - at the next council meeting, Tuesday, April 10 before going to vote at the following meeting, Tuesday, April 24.