HACKENSACK, NJ -- An adult male and an adult female were arrested Thursday in Hackensack for using heroin with two young children in their vehicle, according to a release from the Hackensack Police Department. Just after 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, members of the Hackensack Police Narcotics Division were checking the area of Hoboken Road on a report of unknown parties using a controlled dangerous substance inside a vehicle. The Narcotic detectives observed a 2005 Nissan occupied by two adults parked in the area of Blauvelt Place.

Upon approaching the vehicle, detectives observed the adult male, Joseph Corcoran, hand an item over to the female passenger, Suzanne Laliberte.

At that time they also observed two juveniles seated in the back seat of the car and observed multiple empty glassine envelopes of suspected heroin which were stamped in blue ink with the words "Captain America" on the ground, outside of the passenger side door. Once at the door of the vehicle, detectives observed in plain view, a hypodermic needle as well as multiple empty glassine envelopes of the suspected heroin on the floor mat. 

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The detectives also noticed an unknown object protruding from the pants of Laliberte. Upon being asked about the object, Laliberte advised the detectives that the object belonged to Corcoran, according to police. 

Laliberte then retrieved the items and handed over two more hypodermic needles that police suspected  contained heroin residue inside and a clear bottle cap containing heroin.

Corcoran was then ordered out of the vehicle and voluntarily stated, “That’s all mine, I gave it to her to hold," according to police. 

Both Corcoran and Laliberte were placed under arrest and the two three-year old juveniles were turned over to the Youth Division.

Corcoran and Lalibertewere charged with Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance, Possession of Hypodermic needles and Child Endangering.

The children were sent to Child Services who advised that they would be turning them over to the grandparents.

Both Corcoran and Laliberte had been arrested in Hackensack on outstanding warrants back in 2014.