HACKENSACK, NJ -- Hackensack resident Ed Bergtold is working as the Casting Director on an upcoming production of a pilot of a kids TV series called 'Arthur Futuro,' which is being filmed in Cedar Grove this month. 

As a first-time Casting Director, Bergtold was strategic and responsible for finding all the character actor roles in the show, which received private funding for the pilot to be created.

"The way I found these actors was I put an ad out on backstage, a casting website," said Bergtold, an actor with 40 film credits, according to IMDB. "Kids submitted through there, I went through the selection process and brought in some very talented kids. Alison Eisenberg had a small role in the Dark Tower, opposite Matthew Mcconahague. Sofia Valente was in another big movie. All the kids that we cast had a lot of professional experience." 

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'Arthur Futuro' is a half hour TV comedy pilot about a Middle School student named 'Arthur Futuro,' who is told by his future self that he has to change things in the present, in order to save his friends, who are no longer in his future. As things are altered, comic mayhem ensues.

Bergtold is a graduate of Monmouth University with a degree in TV/Film and Radio Production. He has been a working professional in the Film & TV industry since 2004. Bergtold started out as an intern at MTV where he worked in the casting department for MTV’s Summer Share in Seaside Heights. A few years later, he decided to train as an actor under the tutelage of John M. Eyd of “The Actor’s Trainer Institute” in Red Bank, NJ and later with Actor/Writer/Filmmaker Chazz Palminteri. Bergtold is well versed in Stella Adler’s Approach to Stanislavski, Lee Strausberg’s Method and The Meisner Technique.