HACKENSACK, N.J. — The Hackensack Mayor and Council were on hand Thursday at Hackensack Performing Arts Center to celebrate the Chit Chat Diner’s $2,000 donation to a Performing Arts Scholarship. 

The scholarship is named after Peggy Liosi, mother of HACPAC Artistic Director Greg Liosi. Mrs. Liosi, and a team of local art teachers started the Hackensack Education Foundation 20 years ago. It provides scholarships for Hackensack High School students pursuing a career in the arts. Upon her retirement, the scholarship was renamed in her honor.

“This is such a generous donation and we are all appreciative that one of our city’s most popular eateries of many years would do something like this for our students,” said Mayor John Labrosse. “The arts are important not only for bringing communities like ours together but also for inspiring young people to follow their dreams.”

The Foundation Committee selects a scholarship recipient after an application process every spring. View the Peggy Liosi and all other scholarships available to HHS students online.