TAPinto takes its responsibility to provide fair, accurate and objective coverage of local elections solemnly and seriously.  Given the eroding trust in media, that we live in a highly polarized nation, and that as the old saying goes, “all politics is local,” when it comes to local news coverage regarding government and elections, it is critically important that our readers are provided objective, nonpartisan news coverage.  Towards that end, we wanted to make our readers aware of the following policies at TAPinto that help to ensure the local news coverage you receive is objective and transparent.

At TAPinto, our franchisees are required to be objective and to follow the ethical code of the Society of Professional Journalists. 

At TAPinto, franchisees are prohibited from making endorsements of, or otherwise publicly supporting, their local political candidates in any manner.  TAPinto franchisees are also prohibited from contributing to political candidates running for local office in their town(s). 

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At TAPinto, should a reporter, editor, or franchise owner be a member of the group that is the subject of the story or have a financial or business relationship with the subject of the story, disclosure is prominently noted in the story through an Editor’s Note.

At TAPinto, we do not have an editorial page.  You will not hear from us how to vote or what to think.  While we welcome letters to the editor, they must be factually accurate and not defamatory to be considered for publication. 

At TAPinto, any paid political content, whether it be press releases or dedicated emails or other marketing vehicles we provide, is clearly labeled as Sponsored Content. 

At TAPinto, all marketing vehicles are made available to all candidates at the same time and at the same cost. 

At TAPinto, we have adopted publicly available election policies, that we publish on an ongoing basis, that provide all candidates with the same information and opportunity to participate on TAPinto local news sites.

In short, at TAPinto, our commitment to objective, non-partisan news reporting is strong and only grows stronger by the day.

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