HACKENSACK, NJ -- Last month, Juda DeOliveria, H-Cop, Class I Special Officer of the Hackensack Police Department, observed an NJ State Trooper being assaulted on Route 80 East and pulled over his vehicle to break up the altercation.

He was accompanied by retired NYPD officer Alfred Jackson in rescuing the trooper. At the city council's October 15 council meeting, the governing body presented DeOliveria with a proclamation recognizing his bravery. 

“On September 14, Juda DeOliveria and Alfred Jackson did a heroic thing by pulling over on their commute to work and helping a state trooper they had witnessed being assaulted by two individuals," said Mayor John Labrosse. "Juda and Alfred sprung to action to likely save this officer's life and were instrumental in bringing this criminal act to a just conclusion."