HACKENSACK, NJ – A local real estate school has partnered with the Displaced Homemakers Network of New Jersey to help women returning to the workforce find a career in real estate.

Through the program – which is being presented by the Center for Real Estate Education in Hackensack – qualifying women may receive a grant from the Displaced Homemakers Network to take a six-week real estate course. 

The program includes the licensing class to become a New Jersey real estate salesperson, property management certification, office management and transaction coordinator certification.

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Noelle Frieson, the center’s director, said, “Women do extremely well in real estate. It is an industry that celebrates multitasking, networking, relationships, and an eye for detail – all areas that women tend to shine in.”

Laura Troy, president of the Displaced Homemakers Network of New Jersey, said, “Many of our clients are coming out of a divorce or have been working in the home for many years. They are looking for careers that enable them to be both the breadwinner and caretaker.”

Over the last 35 years, the Displaced Homemaker Program has provided job counseling and other support services to women are separated, divorced, widowed, or spouse disabled. 

The programs focus on activities that provide training and other employment-related activities that aim to enhance employability and earnings. Many of the offerings are supported by state and federal grants, as well as contracts. 

The Center for Real Estate Education has developed a program that Troy said is “comprehensive” and will provide “training for multiple career options within real estate.”

Frieson said the new offering is one that is close to her heart.

 “As a recent divorcee, I understand having to reinvent your life and start anew. Real estate was that fresh start for my family.  Through this program, we are excited to provide the same to women across New Jersey,”

The program will also include the opportunity to participate in field work internships through the Alexander Anderson Real Estate Group, a Hackensack-based brokerage firm that is involved in residential and commercial sales, property management and investment. The experiences, Frieson said, will give participants a feel for several different areas of the real estate world.

The Alexander Anderson Real Estate Group is also providing scholarships to supplement a portion of each tuition, which will help more women take advantage of the program.

Eric Anderson, chief executive officer of Alexander Anderson Real Estate Group and state director of The Center for Real Estate Education, said,“The real estate industry values diversity. Real Estate is a career path that doesn’t discriminate by age or gender. Many people decide to make real estate their second career just for that reason.”

He added: “We want to offer women the financial, personal, and emotional freedom that so many real estate career paths can provide.” 

An free informational program about the course, as well as the organizations, will be held Tuesday from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at The Center for Real Estate Education, 66 Moore Street, Hackensack. After the session, attendees can sign up for the course. On-site parking is available and refreshments will be served.

To register for the event, visit recareercenter.com/womeninrealestate or call 201-343-6640.

For more information about the Displaced Homemakers Program, visithttps://onestop.bergen.org/displaced-homemaker-one-stop