HACKENSACK, N.J. — City firefighters responded to a towering tree that had fallen on a detached garage on a residential street shortly after noon today.

According to Hackensack Captain Justin Derevyanik, members of fire department, which included one engine, one rescue and a chief, arrived to the detached garage located adjacent to the single-family dwelling at 211 Poplar Avenue. What they found was a colossal-sized tree lying on top of the detached garage’s roof. 

Derevyanik said the tree’s bare branches, which were covered in a buildup of thick ice from this morning’s spell of freezing rain, was likely the cause of its fall. No one was in the garage when the tree fell. As a result of the fall, the garage encountered “severe” damage, according to the fire captain. 

Since last night’s winter weather advisory, which resulted in a mixture of snow and freezing rain in northern Bergen County, the Hackensack Fire Department has responded to calls for downed wires that were covered in ice.