Giant Gymnastics of Hackettstown and Lafayette USAIGC competitive gymnastics team met for the 2nd Annual Gator Bowl.  With the teams at both locations working hard preparing for the competition season, their tradition of a “Get Ready Meet” to try their new routines out continued this past December.  The USAIGC sanctioned meet is a unique opportunity for the gymnasts and coaches to gain not just a score but detailed critiques from the judges.  This guidance helps the coaches guide their teams in the areas which need improvement.

This year, gymnasts from both locations started their meet off with a gesture of friendship.  Every team member had been given the name of a gymnast on the other team the week before the meet.  As the two locations cross paths at meets throughout the season- not just at the Giant Gymnastics of Hackettstown meets- the coaches asked the gymnasts to write a letter or create a card wishing their counterpart good luck in the upcoming season.  After the two teams warmed up, and before the meet officially began, the gymnasts all went out to the floor and ran around finding their person to give the card to.  “It was so wonderful to see two gyms support each other while still focusing on their personal best,” explained co-owner Jennifer Packard. “I think that teaches great sportsmanship while building camaraderie amongst sister gyms.”

For information on classes at their Hackettstown location call 908-850-3746.  For their Lafayette location call 973-579-9400.