NEW JERSEY — From disco fries to tomato pies, the Garden State is home to some unique foods. Do you know the definitions of these special dishes New Jersey has to offer?

Beefsteak: Go to a traditional beefsteak banquet for sliced grilled beef served on slices of bread, French fries and beer, all served communal style.

Deep-Fried Hot Dogs: Open wide for a hot Texas weiner with chili sauce or an Italian hot dog stuffed into pizza bread with fried potatoes, peppers and onions. While fried hot dogs can be made with special casings that don’t burst in the fryer, the “ripper” is supposed to split open.

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Disco Fries: Fries with gravy and cheese, sort of like Canada’s poutine, but with mozzarella instead of cheese curds. Some diners serve the gravy on the side for dipping.

Fat Sandwich: Popularized by “grease trucks” at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, these subs are overstuffed with the kinds of foods only college kids can easily digest, such as chicken fingers, burgers, French fries, mozzarella sticks and onion rings.

Pork Roll/Taylor Ham: Call it pork roll in South Jersey and Taylor ham up north. Similar to Canadian bacon, it’s most often ordered sliced, grilled and served on a sandwich with eggs and cheese.

Salt Water Taffy: Originally from Atlantic City, this sticky treat available in a plethora of flavors is made with butter and sugar, but no seawater. Take some home from the boardwalks of the Jersey Shore.

Sloppy Joe: Not to be confused with the tomato saucy ground beef sandwich eaten by the rest of the country, New Jersey’s version is a triple-decker on rye with sliced deli meat (usually ham, turkey, roast beef or corned beef), Swiss cheese, coleslaw and Russian dressing.

Tomato Pie: Made in Trenton, the big difference between a tomato pie and other thin-crust pizzas is the order of the toppings: cheese first, then toppings, then sauce.

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