HAMILTON, NJ  – “Yesterday was another sad chapter for Hamilton's families -- one in a long book of sad chapters under Mayor Kelly Yaede's stewardship.  Mayor Yaede, the chief executive of Hamilton Township, was charged by the county prosecutor with actions that can only be described as unacceptable and shocking abuses of power.” 

"Unfortunately, this is not the first time Kelly Yaede has embarrassed the township with her official actions.  She and her associates consistently use bullying tactics against people who speak out against her administration. The Trentonian has previously reported that four people have accused Yaede and her administration of harassment. When the town's CFO questioned Yaede's travel expenses, she suspended him and asked her brother-in-law to approve the reimbursement instead. Earlier this year, the prosecutor charged two of her close associates with criminal offenses. And just yesterday, a member of the Hamilton police department told the press that she is a 'corrupt' mayor who needed to be criminally charged.”

"Enough is enough. Enough of the drama. Enough of the corruption. Enough of the abuses of power. It's time for Mayor Yaede to finally accept responsibility for her actions. It’s time for Mayor Yaede to take her own advice that she gave to Mayor Bencivengo when he was criminally charged and, at the very least, take a leave of absence pending the result of the criminal charge filed against her.” 

“If she cannot accept responsibility, Hamilton residents must come together this November and use their power to close the book on this mayor.”