“Stand by.” It’s those two words that best sum up my early, consistent, and ever growing support of Vice President Joe Biden in his bid to serve as our Nation’s leader.

You see, when given the opportunity, on a national stage, to unequivocally repudiate White Supremacy, and call on his supporters to maintain peace in the days following the close of voting, including those groups that don’t share the core American value that “all men are created equal,” President Trump simply couldn’t.

In uttering that phrase, both one the most coherent and scary of his Presidency, Trump, in short, issued a call to arms to those willing to ignore that one of cornerstones of our Democracy, regardless of who wins and who loses an election, is a peaceful transfer of power.

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Throughout Tuesday’s debate, Vice President Biden showed the kind of person he is, the kind of President he will be. Calm and collected. Considerate and thoughtful. Deliberate and trustworthy. As he stood across the stage from his opponent, one who could offer nothing more than anger and vitriol, distrust and fear mongering, true contempt for the people he is elected to serve and the office he holds, Joe Biden reminded me again why I was so proud to be among his earliest supporters in New Jersey.

Vice President Biden has had a distinguished career of public service, putting God, family, and nation above all else. In the darkest of times he has stood strong and continued that service, while his opponent has consistently shirked his responsibility, whether it be to those working for him, the families he has abandoned, or the taxes he has avoided. 

As we go through the final phase of what has already been a bruising campaign, one during which 200,000 Americans have lost their lives, many multiples of whom could have been saved if the Oval Office were used to lead a great nation, as opposed to attempting to turn it into the set of a horrifying reality show, I will not lose site of the type of country I want to raise my daughter in, and the one I want left for her to raise her own family in.

Indeed, nothing Donald Trump did or said Tuesday would have changed my mind about what my completed ballot will look like when I drop it in the mail. What he did say, and, more importantly, didn’t say, however, reminded me of exactly what’s at stake on November 3. 

Robert S. Garrison is a Co-Founder and Co-Chair of Jersey for Joe, a grassroots organization with over 14,000 members supporting Joe Biden for President.