I am hearing and seeing a lot of people making the "both sides were a mess during the debate" argument. This is a false equivalency, plain and simple. There is no arguing that both candidates interrupted each other and called each other names, but there is a huge difference between calling someone a "clown" when they are being ridiculous and calling someone "dumb" and saying they finished "last in their class" just to get a rise out of your base.

I saw one candidate address issues with generalities, debunked conspiracy theories and limited to no specifics for any kind of plan. The other candidate talked in depth about his ideas to address a myriad of issues. 

One candidate not only didn't condemn the white supremacist Proud Boys, but actually provided them a rallying cry that they are using to make T shirts.  

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One candidate said he will accept the results of the election regardless of the outcome. The other peddled debunked conspiracy theories about rigged elections and said that if people see something that doesn't feel right, they should take action.

One candidate openly discussed the pain of losing a son. The other interrupted him to discuss debunked conspiracy theories. The same happened when the same candidate discussed his son’s issues with substance abuse.

I saw one candidate talk directly to the American people about the difficulties they are facing with the pandemic, economic crisis, and social unrest. The other yelled over him and never once talked to the American public or offered any kind of specifics for a plan to address these issues. 

One candidate has been in office for past 4 years and his inaction on several fronts has led us to the verge of a breakdown.  The other one was completely out of politics and is only trying to fix what is now broken.

One fans the flames, while the other wants to fix the problems. It was crystal clear. 

Do not buy into the false equivalency. Joe Biden is by no means perfect, but he is not Donald Trump.

Adam Gruber, Robbinsville resident.