NEW JERSEY:  In these unprecedented times, finances may be tough as many people across the country have been affected by the outbreak of COVID-19. With unemployment and uncertainty, credit card issuers are doing their part, stepping up in different ways to help those in difficult situations. Credit Card Insider is keeping readers up to date on all of this information in one place.

A few ways issuers are helping those affected include:

  • Some issuers have extended welcome offer periods for recently approved accounts, giving cardholders more time to hit certain amounts in order to secure a bonus.

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  • Certain issuers are allowing customers to apply for payment assistance and waivers that eliminate minimum payment requirements and possibly late fees.

  • Most issuers have support in place for support for customers that are struggling financially.

  • Goldman Sachs is even offering cardholders to skip their April Apple Card payment with incurring interest charges.

  • Even if issuers haven’t clearly outline their relief efforts, many will extend a helping hand on a case-by-case basis.

The complete list of credit card debt relief during the COVID-19 pandemic can be found HERE 

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Contacts:  Mason Miranda, Credit Industry Specialist, Credit Card Insider,