Annie W. Morgan, a retired Air Force judge advocate and appellate defense counsel, issued the following statement in response to Mayor Kelly Yaede’s attack on the United States military:

As a former service member, I am personally offended at her attacks on a fellow military officer who upheld his duty to defend the Constitution at all times. Mayor Yaede should immediately apologize to her constituents and to the men and women who have worn the uniform in defense of our nation. For Mayor Yaede to imply that a military criminal defendant is entitled to anything less than the most zealous defense devalues every citizen’s rights. As someone who worked alongside Jeff Martin, I saw a military officer zealously fighting to protect his client’s rights. Jeff Martin’s conduct was, as always, beyond reproach and I have no doubt that he will have a similarly powerful and positive impact as Hamilton’s next mayor.

Annie Morgan is currently an attorney with the Department of Defense. Prior to her military service, she clerked for the DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence.