Before New Jersey led the battle to successfully overturn the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in 2018, lifting the federal ban on sports betting, most had two local options to lay action on sports from home: They could go to an illegal offshore sportsbook via the internet or to an illegal local bookie. 

Why Legal Online Sportsbooks Are A Better Option

Aside from helping The Garden State’s economy, online betting in New Jersey provides some of the most secure and best options in the country. Use of any of the safe, legal and regulated top New Jersey sportsbooks is recommended. The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has strict regulations and licensing requirements, minimizing the issues players have. If players do have an issue, there is a clear avenue to voice a complaint of unfair treatment. 

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Your chances of having any major issues with sportsbooks in New Jersey are slim because of the safeguards in place. From convenient deposit and withdraw options to knowing your funds are fully secure, the best way to partake in sports betting in New Jersey is through a regulated and licensed sportsbook. 

The Truth Behind Unregulated Offshore Sportsbooks

Because sports betting wasn’t legalized in New Jersey until just over a year ago, Garden State sports bettors for decades looked to offshore companies to place their wagers. Many of those New Jersey players still deal with offshore companies today because they have history with them, but that is not the safest or most secure route.  And that’s why New Jersey has moved to eliminate those options.

Some of these offshore sportsbooks are licensed in their country, but it should be noted that none of these offshore books have regulated oversight. So, if an offshore company refuses to pay a player, the bettor has no options aside from complaining on the internet—and the internet is filled with complaints of this nature. 

Many of these offshore sportsbooks do everything they can to assure players won’t receive their winnings. Bettors have complained that their account was closed without any reason whatsoever, and others complained that they were put through a series of ridiculous requests to prove their identity to no avail.  

Some offshore sportsbooks have completely shut down without notice, taking all their clients’ money with them. Because there is no oversight, nothing can be done about it. All these nightmare scenarios are avoided when players use regulated sportsbooks in New Jersey. 


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