ROBBINSVILLE, NJ --  Robbinsville officials, pending an ongoing traffic study, are seeking to cut off access to residential roads by tractor trailer truck drivers.

The issue came up at Thursday’s meeting of the Robbinsville Township Council and, as was discussed, follows a string of incidents involving large trucks throughout the town. The goal, they said, is to cut back on accidents, road degradation, and traffic jams that have been occuring due to an inability for some roads to handle the multi-axled vehicles by enacting and enforcing ordinances limiting the roads that the multi-axled vehicles are permitted to travel on.

According to one resident who lives near the warehouse district trucks regularly drive on private lawns in order to stay on the side of the road, causing both damage and a safety hazard.

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“I’ve had other residents that have contacted me about various commercial traffic laws and residential laws too,” Council President Ron Witt said. “When you get enough feedback, you know, what can you really do?”

“The township has evolved,” he added saying the changes have also caused some unintended consequences. 

As part of the consideration, officials concluded, they must also consider the impact moving the trucks off residential roads will have on traffic patterns throughout Robbinsville. Ultimately, they said, it is their intention to work with neighboring towns and the Mercer County officials to create a traffic plan that “allows continued business in the area while limiting the impact on residential properties.”

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