My name is Cara Capasso-Murray and I am running for the one year position on the Board of Education.    I have had the pleasure of living in Hasbrouck Heights since 2005 with my husband, Brendan Murray, and my three children Zoe, Caden and Morgan.  I currently have one child in the middle school and two children in Lincoln School.  During my time in Hasbrouck Heights, I have worked with various groups in town.  I have taught religious education at Corpus Christi church.   I have volunteered for years for the Hasbrouck Heights Junior Women’s Club.   At the Junior Woman’s Club, I served as the President, Palisade District chairperson, and chaired various departments for the organization from scholarships and education to a variety of children’s events.  I am an active member of the PTA at Lincoln School and am Girl Scout leader to two troops in town.  My husband is an active member of the VFW of Hasbrouck Heights and is currently a board member.  In addition to the organizations that I have taken leadership roles in, my husband and I have supported and/or volunteered for the Hasbrouck Heights Soccer Association, Hasbrouck Heights Junior Football, Hasbrouck Heights recreation (softball and wrestling), and Hasbrouck Heights Little League.  I actively support the arts/ theater programs at St. John the Divine’s Care on the Corner.  On a personal note, I have a Bachelor’s in Arts, from Rowan University.   I’m currently working on a Master in Counseling at Montclair with a focus on Higher Education/Students Services at the university level.  In the past, I’ve completed in Graduate course in Curriculum and Diversity.   I look forward to bringing my common sense approach and love of this community to the Board of Education.  It is of vital importance to me that our schools are as successful as possible

As a mother to three very different students in the district, it has given me experience and awareness of distinct students needs.   On a personal level, I have navigated an IEP and 504 plans while also pushing gifted students to excel.    I truly believe that we have the ability to serve students of different needs with a personal approach in this district.  It is this approach that will allow us to achieve the highest academic standards.  I will work hard to be an advocate for all students of Hasbrouck Heights school district.    

In small district with a lack of state funding, there are challenges that exist from budgets, facilities, and the ability to keep our children on par with larger better state and federally funded districts.  It is of vital importance to me that our schools are as successful as possible.  As a district, we are missing out on larger grants for building, technology centers, and greater breadth of programs at the high school.    We need to open up dialogue with other small districts that are currently more successful at funding and grant writing.  We need seek out corporate donations and partnerships opportunities to give our students real experiences and improve hands-on learning.  Funding goes hand in hand with improving technology across the district.  The technology should be the same in every classroom in Lincoln School as it is in Euclid.  On the High School middle school level, students need to explore computer science, programming, and increase media programs to reflect the world we live in.  The second biggest issue is facilities, as any parent in the district knows we are running out of space.  We need to strategically reevaluate the way we currently use the building spaces we have and see where we can get more space.   Space is also an area where building grants are vital.  I hope to bring a fresh perspective to the Board of Education on these issues.

I am constantly impressed with the passion that this community has for the children.  I know that as a community we want to see our school system not only succeed but compete at a higher level comparable to other Bergen county high schools.  It is my goal to work with Board of Education to help push our school system to the next level.  If you have any questions or concerns please email me: