My name is Janet Lohrmann and I am running for a Board of Education 3-year seat on November 7, 2017.    If I am elected, my goal is to maintain an effective, efficient organizational structure for the district that will allow the superintendent and administrators to manage the schools, while our teachers continue to explore new innovative methods of teaching so our students continue to be more excited and engaged to learn. 

I have been a resident of Hasbrouck Heights since 1997 and I am married to Peter Lohrmann for 24 years, a life long resident of Hasbrouck Heights. 

We have 4 children, Peter age 17, a senior, Michael, age 16, a junior, Christopher, age 14, a freshman and, last, but not least, Julianna, age 10, a 5th grader in Lincoln School.  So, unfortunately after 13 years this will be my last year at Lincoln School.

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For the past 17 years, from the time my children entered the Hasbrouck Heights School System I have always been very active in their education either as a member of the PTA, at Lincoln School and the Middle School High School, class mom, assisting at Field Day and numerous other school related events and activities such as the High School Parents of the Athletes.  I have helped out with Boy Scouts when my sons were younger and served as a team mom for both the Hasbrouck Heights  Little League and Junior Football League.

In addition I have also volunteered my time at Corpus Christi Parish over the past 5 years serving as a CCD Teacher, Classroom aid, or as a hall monitor for the religious Education Program. 

Back in 2009, I was employed by the Hasbrouck Heights School district as a lunch aide and substitute caller for the district. As well as a substitute teacher within the district for grades K-8.  I also worked under the supervision of Mr. Nick DelCalzo in the Attendance office and then worked with Dr. Matt Helfant, whom at the time came in as the Director of Special Services.  But due to public voting of the budget at that time, my position was eliminated. 

As you can see I have a genuine commitment to the district and continuous  longevity in the Hasbrouck Heights School district.

At present, I have been employed at the Dumont Board of Education for the past 5 years and work directly for the Superintendent and Business Administrator.  I am responsible for all attendance records for that district and coordinating Employee Health Benefits and overall various administrative duties related to the daily operation of the other district. 

It has been my desire to run for a Board position for several years but had wanted to wait until my children were older. I now believe the time is right for me to dedicate my time to this position in serving as a bridge in strengthening certain previously established policies and procedures, introducing new ideas into the district and by enhancing the relationship and clearer lines of communication between the district, and the public it serves.

As a community, I encourage you to trust in your School Board and vote for me, Janet Lohrmann, on November 7, 2017 to become the  School Board's newest member for the upcoming three-year term.