HASBROUCK HEIGHTS, NJ - Approval of the renewal of Liquor Licenses for 2019-2020 for establishments in Hasbrouck Heights, as well as a procedural approval for the 2018-19 license for the Pioneer Club was among the business on the agenda at the June 12 Borough of Hasbrouck Heights Council meeting.

The approval of the Pioneer Club’s license for 2018-19 seemed odd to Councilman Steven Reyngoudt, who questioned the measure before the vote. Borough Clerk Laurie Varga explained that the paperwork and fees for the license were paid on time last year. However, there was an outstanding tax lien against the owners of the license, and in accordance with state rules, the license could not be brought up for approval by the Council.

The tax matter was recently cleared up, so now the Council could approve the license since all the fees had already been paid.

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Two residents also voiced concerns to the Council.  A resident on Burr Place raised concerns about the traffic that comes through Burr Place at a rapid rate, and the lack of a stop sign to slow traffic down.  She noted that there are 26 children who live on the block, many who play in the cul-de-sac the end of the block.

After discussion, Police Chief Michael Colaneri Sr. readily agreed to put a traffic monitor on the block, which would record speeds and volume of traffic.  He said the study would start shortly. He also noted that when drivers see the traffic reader, which also records speeds visibly, they tend to slow down.

Another resident made a repeat appearance at the council meeting, noting that she had been at the last council meeting, and been promised action by the Department of Public Works on two issues, and had yet to hear from the town.

The first issue centers around the home owner's basement flooding in consecutive years due to maintenance issues with the town’s storm sewers.  Borough Administrator Michael Kronyak apologized for the lack of communication, and provided an update that the issue was currently being discussed between the engineers of the homeowner and the borough,

Gravel, which settles on and in front of the homeowner's property as it runs down Franklin Avenue during storms, is not being picked up the street sweeper, nor the DPW.  The amount of times the street sweeper comes, and the efficiency of the sweeping, was brought up. The homeowner had brought a bucket of gravel (of which he had several more at the property) as evidence of the problem.

Mayor DeLorenzo stated that he and Bill Spindler, the head of the DPW, and Kronyak would speak after the meeting to make sure that the issue was taken care of.


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