HASBROUCK HEIGHTS – If you were wondering why work crews had Depken Field closed on Saturday, it was a combination of routine maintenance and repair work to the northern section of the field.

The crews were replacing the “cut-out” sections of the field, the brown turf that simulates where the dirt would be on a baseball field.   

“Those areas wear down faster than other areas due to sliding and base running," Hasbrouck Heights Athletic Director Michael Scuilla stated via email.  

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Depken Field is under a heavy workload from both baseball and football, with both the high school and recreation leagues using the field for games and practices.  And when a scheduled activity is not using the field, kids working on their individual games, or just fooling around, utilize the field as well.  Plus it plays host to the annual fireworks for Fourth of July.

While the field has worn down over time, every effort is being made to keep the field in as good as shape as possible.

“We are on a maintenance schedule with the turf company for basic maintenance and repairs twice a year,” Scuilla noted.

There is no timetable set for when the field, which was put in prior to the 2007 football season, will need to be resurfaced.