HASBROUCK HEIGHTS, NJ -- The Hasbrouck Heights High School and Middle School Music Department presented the final concert of the school year with the 2019 Spring Concert Wednesday night in Kiefer Auditorium. 

The stage and auditorium was decorated in keeping with the "spring" theme with large flowers and colorful wall hangings. High school art Barbara Kritzer and students Alessia Chapman, Joe Ferreri, Tais Pena, Victoria Todd and Vincent Sedlmeir, painted the mural and marquee. Music parents Michelle Bischoff and Linda Byrne decorated the gym, which also doubled as an art studio for the evening, displaying students' art projects from the year.

The concert marked the final performance of 10 seniors in the music program, who were recognized for their time and devotion. Those seniors are Daniel Behrens, Erin Bischoff, Amanda Botjer, Kayla Fontalvo, Natanael Gonzalez, Brianna Kelly, Duncan McCabe, Stephen Reyes, Adam Stavash, and John Wagner.

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The Jazz Band opened the program, directed by Joseph Ascolese. The group performed "Runaway Baby: arranged by Paul Murtha, and "Cut To The Chase" by Larry Burton.

The Symphonic Band was next, conducted by Carron Moroney. The group played soundtracks from recent blockbuster movies, including "Pirates Of The Caribbean" arranged by Michael Sweeney; "Black Panther" arranged by Paul Murtha, and "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" arranged by  Robert Longfield.

The Concert Choir performed under the direction of Antoinette Gierut, Vocal Music teacher, along with Charlie Mezini. They sang popular likes like "Here Comes The Sun" arranged by Alan Billingsley; "59th St. Bridge(Feelin’ Groovy)" arranged by Roger Emerson, and "Don’t Stop Me Now!" arranged by Mark Brymer. The choir was joined by members of the American Sign Language Club, advised by Shannon Rodenberg, for a collaborative performance of John Lennon's "Imagine."

The program closed out with the Concert Band, with Ascolese and Student Teacher John Devries. Songs included "Reflections On A New Tomorrow" by Robert Sheldon; "Witch And The Saint" arranged by Matt Conaway; "Celtic Ritual" by John Higgins; "Neil Diamond In Concert: arranged by Ted Ricketts, and "Chanteys" by Robert Sheldon.

Concert Band 

Flutes:  Kevin Andrades,  Erin Bischoff, Amanda Botjer, Emily Byrne, Michael Calabrese, Natalia Cifuentes, Brianna Kelly, Ananda Thool, 

Clarinets: Marisa Ackattupathil, Denise Baquiran, Daniel Behrens, Faith Brown, Nicole Dallara, Rayne Getch, Mandeep Kaur, Veronica Legaspi, Loren Lynch, Adrianna Mandzy, Angela Ndocaj, Tejasi Thool, John Wagner

Bass Clarinet: Kiera Jandongan

Alto Saxophone: Jack Baker, Ryan Calvache, Cherlowe DeGuzman, Derek Fermin, Kayla Fontalvo, Anthony Peterson, Jared Stavash, Timothy Tran, Gabriel Valdes-Perez

Tenor Saxophone:  Adam Stavash

Bari Saxophone: Luke Jimenez

Trumpet: Kristen Abrenica,  John Cutrone, Gaea DePass, Dylan Gasser, Natanael Gonzalez, Brandon Govea, Henry Hahn, Param Malik, Lea Mendelson, Gary Odjourian

Trombone:  Aiden Desics, Tristan Govea, Duncan McCabe, 

Baritone: Stephen Reyes

Bass:  Olivia Myers

Percussion: Laqueta Archibald, Heather Cali, Max Castro, Damiano De Candia, Steven Kelly, Jeffery Ober, Dany Orchid, Ray Pizzo, Erica Yau

Symphonic Band 

Flute - 6th grade: Cecilia Alvarez, Olivia Bates, Nina Castellano, Anishka Chauhan, Gianna Garcia, Isabella Guida, Lily Ismail, Jaelyn Karwoski, Tommy Nilaj, Kailen Peterson, Gabriella Rodriguez, Zacharaia Turkmani

Flutes- 7th grade: Kairy Martillo, Tulsi Patel, Sarah Sedycias 

Clarinets - 6th grade: Laila Collas, Madison Kata, Sophia Lara, Jennifer Long, Jacob McAllister, Angelina Rodriguez

Bass Clarinets: Kiera Jandongan, Angela Ndocaj

Clarinets - 7th grade: Brandon Ochoa, Matthew Quish, Hannah Vadakken 

Saxophones - 6th grade: Trey Hansen, Alexandra Monchino, Bodhi Thool

Baritone Saxophone: Seamus Baker

Saxophones- 7th grade: Akhil Chirravuri, Madison Ejgird, Joseph Lee, Frankie Ochoa, Nicholas Prince, Isabella Reyes, Brayden Vigna

Trumpets- 6th grade: Alfonsus Agapinan, Angelo DiLaura, Brandon Karwoski, Andriy Mandzy, Aidan Morrow, Connor Ng, Louis Perdomo, Daniel Sickels

Trumpets-7th grade: Arvin Ackattupathil, Colin DeGuzman, Ryan Hopson 

Baritone Horn: Patrick Sari

Percussion-6th grade: Kyle Karwoski, Maxwell Mazza, Ryan Ober, Graham Reynolds, Lilah Swalsky

Percussion-7th grade: Tyler Cappadona, Evan DeCicco, Patrick Lambe, Connor Scuilla

High School

Keyboard: Dan Behrens

Baritone Horn: Stephen Reyes

Tenor Sax: Adam Stavash

Concert Choir

Marisa Ackattupathil, Hassan Oats, Alejandra Afanador, Brandon Ochoa, Cecilia Alvarez, Emily Oettinger, Laqueta Archibald, Christopher Ronayne, Seamus Baker, Alexandra Roseman, Briana Berisha, Sarah Sedycias, Erin Bischoff, Meaghan Shaw, Shaniya Coleman, Jadelyn Sisco, Shanell Coleman, Samaia Singh, Laila Collas, Annabelle Swalsky, Sarah Cunningham,  Sofia Toledo, Gianna Garcia, Katelyn Tutelo, Isabella Guida, Steven Kelly, Lea Lepenica, Lea Mendelson, and Olivia Myers

Jazz Band

Alto Saxophone 1: Erin Bischoff, Ryan Calvache, Cherlowe DeGuzman, Kayla Fontalvo, Gabriel Valdes-Perez

Alto Saxophone 2: Kevin Andrades, Michael Calabrese, Kiera Jandongan, Angela Ndocaj

Tenor Sax 1: Brianna Kelly

Tenor Sax 2: Adam Stavash

Baritone Saxophone: Tejasi Thool

Trumpet 1: Brandon Govea

Trumpet 2: Kristen Abrenica

Trumpet 3: Natanael Gonzalez

Trumpet 4: John Cutrone, Gaea DePass

Trombone 1: Duncan McCabe

Trombone 2: Stephen Reyes

Trombone 3: Aiden Desics

Piano: Daniel Behrens

Bass: Olivia Myers

Drums: Ray Pizzo

Percussion: Erica Yau

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