HASBROUCK HEIGHTS, NJ - During the December 27 Council meeting, the Hasbrouck Heights Council decided not to read their year-end reports, but instead file the report with the Interim Borough Clerk, Laurie Varga, and have them published in TAPinto Hasbrouck Heights/Wood-Ridge/Teterboro.

Over the next few days, the reports will be published on TAPinto either as individual stories, or combined with other reports, depending on the length.   

Borough of Hasbrouck Heights Building Department

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320 Boulevard, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604


MEMO TO : Laurie Varga, Acting Borough Clerk

FROM : Nicholas Melfi, Construction Official

DATE : December  19, 2018

RE  : Mayor's Year End Report

  •  During 2018 the State Government eliminated permits for roofing, siding and replacement of bath fixtures when no renovation is being done.  This department expected a dramatic decrease in fees which did not occur.
  • The number of permits is slightly lower this year at 550.
  • The total income this year was slightly higher than last year at $198,782.
  •  The inspectors are vigilant about keeping our residents safe.
  • The total number of inspections was 1,963. The passing rate continues to hover around 86%.
  • Joe Carridi, Fire Inspector did 104 inspections
  • Frank Recannati, Plumbing Inspector did 364
  • Electrical Inspector, Scott Pomarico did 443 inspections
  • As Building Inspector, I did 1,052 inspections.
  • There have been several renovations which have improved the Route 17 driving view: the remodeling of the exterior and eat-in area of MacDonald's; the remodeling of the showroom of Kundert Motors, the demolition of an antiquated two story frame office building which will be replaced by an electronic billboard. There are projects in the planning stages for Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell to renovate their buildings.
  • The number of OPRA requests keeps increasing.  Since the requirement for payment has become diminutive; realtors, home buyers, lawyers, retail sales companies, installers, and contractors are continually requesting information.
  •  The office and inspection staffs are up to date on all certifications available for their specific job to keep Hasbrouck Heights compliant and current on the changes in regulations.
  • This department continues to work with Rebuilding Together (a nonprofit which assists the elderly and those in need of assistance to keep their homes in repair), FEMA, OSHA, the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles, the New Jersey Highway Department and municipal and county departments so we are able to assist the residents of town with any problems which may arise.

Property Maintenance


MEMO TO: Laurie Varga, Acting Borough Clerk

FROM;  Ron Monteleone

DATE : December 19, 2018

RE  Mayor's Year End Report

•  As the Property Maintenance Inspector, I received 208 complaints, made 152 follow up phone calls and issued 23 summonses with 13 court appearances.


Borough of Hasbrouck Heights Zoning Office

320 Boulevard

Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604

MEMO TO   : Laurie Varga, Acting Borough Clerk

FROM: Gino Tessaro​

​​​​​​DATE : December 19, 2018

RE  Mayor's Year End Report

• The Planning Board met five times this year.

• There was one site plan hearing and variance for an additional free standing sign and other signage changes at a gas station on Route 17.

• The second hearing was for a sub division with no variance requirements.

• The Planning Board met to learn about the Fair Share Housing Act and is awaiting the judge's decision on this matter.

• The Planning Board also had two meetings to begin the Reexamination of  the Master Plan which depending on timing might include the changes which must be made according to the Fair Share Housing Act.

• The Zoning Board of Adjustment met nine times and heard 11 applications.  Two were for front yard setback variances. Four were for side yard variances. Five were use variances.   This Board made one recommendation to the Planning Board for revision to the Borough Ordinance.

• Each current member of Zoning Board has taken the appropriate course and has been certified by the New Jersey Planning Boards Association to hear applications.

• 174 Local Permits Zoning Permits have been issued this year.

 156 Residential Continued Certificates of Occupancy have been issued this year.


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