WOOD-RIDGE, NJ - The 1819th Regular Meeting of the Borough of Wood-Ridge was held Wednesday evening in the Council Chambers at Borough Hall.  

Questions from the residents were the high points of the meeting, as there were no new ceremonial presentations, advertised public hearings or ordinances on second reading and final passage on the agenda.   

Citizen concerns ranged from parents picking up the children at the Catherine E. Doyle School illegally parking in the school’s playground whenever a police officer is not present; a request for an update on the children’s section of the public library; and what the Mayor and Council’s position was on passing an anti-marijuana dispensary in light of Hasbrouck Heights passage of its measure at that town's last council meeting.

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Mayor Paul Sarlo noted that he believed Hasbrouck Heights measure was “pre-emptive” and noted that in his position in the New Jersey State Senate, as chairman of the budget committee, he anticipated that any bill to legalize marijuana would be coming through his committee.  

“It is public knowledge that I have expressed great reservations” Sarlo said.  

Sarlo stated that without knowing all the facts as the legislation, as far as tax and funding implications, Wood-Ridge did not need to act at this time.

“I would rather be negotiating from a position of strength,” Sarlo stated, before adding that “you can be comfortable in the thought that there will not be a marijuana dispensary in Wood-Ridge.”

When addressing the issue at Catherine E. Doyle, the mayor noted that the police can not always be there, as they are responding to other calls at the time of dismissal. When he suggested that the janitorial staff put cones up to keep from entering to park, the resident responded that she had seen that done, and watched as people moved the cones so they could park their cars.

She noted it is a hazard, as children are not expecting moving vehicles to be coming from that area, and is concerned about safety.

Borough Administrator Chris Eilert addressed the library along with Councilwoman Cassidy, noting that they were in the process of having engineers draw up plans for the children’s section.  Eilert noted however, that the legislation is not yet complete, so there is no guidance yet as to how much money would be available.  But he did assure the residents, that Wood-Ridge would not miss out on available funding for the project.

Councilman Phil Romero also addressed a question about town events, asking for patience, and noting that there would be an announcement of some town-wide events at the meeting in March.