Halloween 2020 is days away. With the ongoing pandemic, there’s a lot of conversation about whether Halloween should be canceled. Some towns have banned trick or treating. Many parents want to keep a bit of normalcy in their children’s lives; whether it’s participating in trunk or treats, parades, and other activities. There are ways to enjoy a lit bit of spooky fun while social distancing.

  1. Drive through events. Several organizations have set up displays of carved pumpkins, lights and scary (or not so scary) decorations that families can enjoy from the comfort and warmth of their own car.
  2. Visit a farm. You can pick pumpkins, work your way through corn mazes, or take a stroll through the farm and enjoy the animals.
  3. Treat Town. Can’t give up your Halloween candy? One local candy company has come up with a great way for kids to virtually trick or treat for coupons, which can then be redeemed for candy. Parents, neighbors, or even strangers across the nation can sign up on Treat Town. On the app, families can buy “candy” credits and allow children to trick or treat virtually. This app also allows children to participate in other fun activities like decorating their front door and create spooky monster avatars. Candy credits can be redeemed at local stores for actual candy.
  4. Pumpkin carving. Have some old-fashioned fun by carving your own pumpkin. Create your own design or find one online. When you are done, you can have fun decorating your yard with jack-o-lanterns, scarecrows, and other homemade decorations.
  5. Home-made costumes. Make some homemade Halloween costumes and other fall crafts. Yes, it is fun to go shopping for costumes, but with a little creativity you can create your own with items around the house.
  6. Watch a Halloween special or scary movie. Put your costume or pajamas on, grab some popcorn or other treats, and wrap up in a cozy blanket.
  7. And what about trick or treating? That’s up to you and your family and the area where you live.  A lot of people are coming up with innovative ways to get treats to kids who still want to go door to door. One flooring company is even offering free carpet tubes to people who would like to create chutes to slide treats to children who are a safe distance away. Using gloves and masks, some people are making individual treat bags so that children don’t have to reach into candy bowls. Other adults are setting candy outside on a table and will encourage children from a safe distance to “take just one piece”. Children can walk through the neighborhood and show off their costumes. For adults, the fun comes from seeing the neighborhood kids having a good time.

Let’s put a fun, creative twist to the holiday and spread some cheer! We could all use a few smiles and some laughs as we teach our children to find creative solutions to life’s obstacles.