WOOD-RIDGE, NJ - An update on tax bills was among the business spoken about at Wednesday’s meeting of the Wood-Ridge Mayor and Council.  After the addressing concerns from citizens about the boys soccer program and field scheduling, the Council finished it regular business.

After authorizing the Consent Agenda below, Councilman Edward Marino asked Borough Administrator Christopher Eilert speak about the tax bills.  After Eilert noted that third quarter tax bills, which were normally due in August, were delayed by a delay in the Governor’s budget, were being mailed out this week, and were due by October 16.   

The delay was caused by the ongoing pandemic.  

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Marino then noted, that the fourth quarter bills will be due in November, so that taxpayers will be paying tax bills twice in a relatively short period of time.  Eilert concurred, and noted that taxpayers could pay both bills at the same time if they desired.

Eilert noted that taxpayers had three ways of paying their property taxes, via the mail, using the secure dropbox at City Hall, or via the internet.  Eilert noted that those who pay via the internet are welcome to do so, there is a charge, depending on the method of payment.  There is a $1.05 charge for e-checks, while there is a handing charge of between 2 and 3 percent for those using a credit card. 

Eilert made clear that the charges are coming from the banks, and that the town is not making any money on the e-payments.

Below is the Consent Agenda, which was passed unanimously 



140-2020 Resolution Authorizing Payment of Bills,

141-2020  Resolution in compliance with IRS Code for Bond Anticipation Note dated September 11, 2020. 

142-2020  Resolution Approving the By-laws of the South Bergen Municipal Joint Insurance Fund. 

143-2020  Resolution Waiving the Boroughs Annual Fee for 2021 Annual Bingo Registration Fee for Assumption Church, 

144-2020  Resolution Approving Strategic Plan for Funding Municipal Alliances for the July 2020 - June 2025 Fiscal Grant Cycle.  

145-2020  Resolution Acknowledging Receipt of Annual Audit for 2019, 

146-2020  Resolution Appointing Community Development Representatives. 

147-2020  Resolution Awarding Contract to Athletic Fields of America for Construction of Baseball Field at the Wood-Ridge Athletic Complex Pursuant to Sourcewell Cooperative. 

148-2020  Resolution Awarding Contract to Athletic Fields of America for Netting and Fencing for Baseball Field at the Wood-Ridge Athletic Complex Pursuant to Sourcewell Cooperative 

149-2020  Resolution Awarding Contract to Musco Sports Lighting for Overhead Lights for the Baseball Field at the Wood-Ridge Athletic Complex Pursuant to Sourcewell Cooperative. 

150-2020  Resolution Approving Place to Place Transfer of Plenary Retail Consumption License for BLG Wood-Ridge, LLC. 

151-2020  Resolution Authorizing Mayor to Execute Contract with Bergen County Health Services for 2020 Flu Clinic. 


Amendment Application from Assumption Church to resume Bingo on Sunday's and Wednesday's and receive credit from days lost due to COVID-19.


a. Appointment of Thomas Fischkelta and Addison Emr as One Year Probationary Member of the Wood-Ridge Emergency Squad.

b. Appointment of John Hone as One Year Probationary Firefighter of the Wood-Ridge Fire Department.

c. Appointment of Luke Cho as a Junior Firefighter of the Wood-Ridge Fire Department. 


a. Hiring of Lucy Gebhardt, Thomas Reilly, Ramona McAvoy, Mary Ann Stenardo, Janet Gunnell, Roseann Zielinski, Nicholas Calabrese, Albert Rottini, Joseph Zielinski, Theresa DiMase, Laurie De Torres and Joan Kanbayaski as Full Time Crossing Guards for the 2020 2021 School Year

b. Hiring of Kathy Romano, John Gingerelli, Reinaldo Santiago and Cathy Mursch as Relief Crossing Guards for the 2020-2021 School Year. 


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