HASBROUCK HEIGHTS, NJ - If you want to pre-pay some of your taxes to get ahead of President Trump’s 2018 Tax Bill, you still have three days to do so.   While Governor Christie’s executive order requiring municipalities to accept them, was in reality, for most just a way of formalizing the rules around how prepayments are to be handled,

“We have always had some prepayments” said Mike Kronyak, Hasbrouck Heights Borough Administrator, “but today we had lines of people wanting to pre-pay. It is a lot more this year.”

Kronyak said residents have until the end of business on Friday, December 29, at 12:30 p.m. to pay in-person. It is a half-day due to the holiday weekend.

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When asked if they were planning on expanding hours, Wood-Ridge Borough Clerk Gina Affuso said that while people had been in to pay, it was just a regular tax day.  

The biggest part of Christie’s order was to ensure that property tax payments were treated uniformly.  While municipalities have always credited prepayments physically received prior to December 31 to the year they were paid in, the potential issue is around tax payments that are put in the mail.

Christie’s executive order states that prepayments that are received, or if mailed, postmarked by December 31, are to be credited for 2017.