NEWARK, NJ – Cinelli Iron & Metal Co. Chief Executive Officer and co-owner, Craig Cinelli and President and co-owner Joseph Cinelli, Sr. will be arraigned on Wednesday before Judge Susan D. Wigenton in Newark federal court according to the Assistant United States Attorney’s office in a statement on Monday.

Both Craig, who currently resides in Allendale, and Joseph, who now resides in Montvale, are originally from Wood-Ridge.   They were arrested the morning of August 2. They are being charged with five counts of wire fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud in connection with a variety of business practices that paid customers less than what they were entitled to for scrap metal and iron.

The techniques included altering documents to lower the weight of the haul; using a magnet to remove scrap metal before it was weighed; and falsifying records to misrepresent the types of scrap metal in the transactions.  The victims of these deceptive business practices, according to the indictment, included two public utility companies, and public transportation companies and two private firms from Illinois.