HACKENSACK, NJ -- Wood-Ridge Junior-Senior High School hosted the 79th annual commencement ceremonies Wednesday evening at Bergen County Academies in Hackensack. 

The processional into the auditorium was led by members of the Board of Education, administrators and staff and students. Student Council President Erin Grell led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Wood-Ridge Junior-Senior High School Glee Club performed the National Anthem. 

Class co-advisors Alexis De Coma and Kristine Schoenig welcomed the guests.They praised the students abilities to overcome challenges and embrace technology. They encouraged the students to "be open to the learning process" and they "prepare for the next chapter of your life."

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Allison Monaco, Senior Class President, addressed the audience and her classmates. She thanked the parents and the teachers their support "inside and outside of the classroom." She acknowledged that it was "up to us to live the best lives we possibly can" and that it was "time to write the next chapter in the lives of our story."

The Salutatory Address was given by Alana Marques. She marveled at the choice and commitments that her classmates had made, whether college, trade school, or military. She noted that Wood-Ridge, as a small school, had "supplied all that it could' from its caring staff, strong friendships, comradery, Wood-Ridge "was our unique experience." She encouraged her classmates to continue to chose to be positive and productive in their futures. 

The Valedictory Address was given by Lauren Wasserman. She acknowledged that she and her classmates were "safe within the Wood-Ridge bubble of familiarity" but reminded them "not to stay stagnant" but to "work for the things that you value most in life." She urged them to be "the class that instills good changes in the world."

The Wood-Ridge Glee Club performed "Seasons of Love" from the musical "Rent."

Nicholas Cipriano, Superintendent of Schools, addressed the students. He shared with the students simple words of wisdom: "Use your head for more than just a hat rack." He told them to "think with your brain...think, examine truths."

"Teachers have given you the tools not what to think, but how to think," he said.

High school principal, Joseph Sutera also addressed the students. He told them that their "future begins now" and to "never stop learning." He challenged them to "make the world a better place for all around you." He reminded them that they'll "always have a home at Wood-Ridge High School."

Maria Barrows, assistant principal, joined Sutera at the podium. They both acknowledged Julienn Vasquez and Henry Remache who will be enlisting in the military.

The students were then awarded their diplomas, announced by guidance counselors Dennis Rowley and Christina Tenore and congratulated by Cipriano, Sutera, and Board president Albie Nieves. Cipriano then officially presented the graduating Class of 2018 to the audience. 

The Glee Club closed out the ceremony with the singing of the Alma Mater. 


The Graduates 

Sergio Alexandro Agreda*

Brian A. Argueta

Adrian Maximiliano Arias

Lauren N. Asedillo

Claudia Rose Avila

Jessica May Alaro Aying

Sabrina Angela Barbiera

Jack David Barteck*

Sabrina Maris Boettcher

Joshua Bravo

Amy Izabella Camacho

Leonardo Carcache-Ramirez

Linasia M. Carlos

Robert John Caruso*

Carly Elizabeth Cook*+

Liariley M. Coplin

Andrew D. Cowan

Matthew Christopher Cupo

Daniel Cygan

Mariem I. Dahnoun

Dante DiFranco

Chandler J. Dippel

Arianna Nicole DiRaggio+

Zachary A. Dodds

Amanda Nicole Donohue

Stephen Salvatore Drotos

Mina Echreshzaden

Evan Michael Egan

Sabrina Ahmed Asam Elkeshk

Lauren Brenna Francis

Adrianna Freeze

Brandon C. Galloway

Michael Felice Giancaspro

Erin Patricia Grell*

James Matthew Grell

Michael Christopher Grell

Gabriella Guerriero+

Dylan Jaeyong Ha

James Ronald Hutchison Jr.

Julie Marie Incognito*

Melanie Jennifer Izurieta*+

Sam Philip Jacob

John D. Jalinski

Kayla Rose Jones

Steven G. Kaldas

Ryan Kriegel

Racquel Olivia Kulesa

Ally Lauren Lewis

Liam Maloney

Andrew Jack Marino

Alana Renata Marques*

Daniel A. Marte

Victor M. Mata Jr.

Alyssa Marie Matos*

Gianna Marie Maurin

Jordan McCabe

Bobbie Magee Mele*

Gabriella P. Mendez

Michael E. Mercedes

Brianna Minervini

John Ernesto Molina

Allison Rose Monaco

Jordynn Julia Morales

Nathan Mulchandani

Sayuri Nakashima

Kayla Napolitano

Bhaavi Patel

Kristin Carolynn Perrucci*

Jule Lauren Piret

Evan A. Portscher

Brian Quesada

Emely Andrea Quintero

Dylan Quiwa

Brianna Marie Ragozzino

Brianna G. Ramirez

Diana E. Ramirez

Leslie Marie Ramirez

Mabel D. Ramirez

Ashley S. Remache

Henry Alexander Remache

John-Christian Reyes

Amanda Rose Riccio

Milagros Rios

Joseph Franco Rivelli

Camilo Rodriguez Arroyave

Andrew Rojas

Matthew Roncaioli

Stephen J. Rykola

Samantha N. Sanchez

Matthew T. Santi

Michael V. Schmidig

Casey Schulz

Maria A. Silva

Yeeun Irene Sim

Palwinder Singh

Tomas Suarez Palacio

Dylan S. Taylor

Kaitlyn J. Theofanis

Nicolas G. Trano

Tedi Turka

Julienn S. Vasquez

Shanelle Vasquez

Luke Vu-Nguyen

Lauren E. Wasserman

John Michael Whaley

Marcel J. Williams

Ada Zhang


*Denotes National Honor Society

+Demotes Italian Honor Society


Class Officers

President - Allison Monaco

Vice President - Jack Barteck

Secretary - Robert Caruso

Treasurer - Kristin Perrucci

Historian - Zach Dodds


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