WOOD-RIDGE, NJ  – During the August session of the Wood-Ridge Town Council Wednesday night, the following information was publicly added to the record.

  • During July, the Wood-Ridge fire department spend 250 hours responding to 17 fire alarms of fire and our mutual aid alarms. Additionally, 243 hours were spent on department training, equipment maintenance and other standard miscellaneous duties.
  • The Wood-Ridge Emergency Squad was dispatched to sixty-eight calls during the month, covering 472 hours of service. The squad was unable to respond to two calls during the month, due to lack of service availability.  Additionally, training classes were completed by the Fire Department, Police Department, DPW and Recreation Department. Crossing guard training will be completed before the school year starts, as per the Police Chief.
  • A new metal detector was installed for use on Municipal Court nights, and the staff was trained on its use.
  • Registration was completed for the Junior Police Academy.  The Academy will start August 25.
  • The borough was given an extension to April 2018 to utilize a $75,000 grant for the installation of a gas generator at the Anderson and Park Place East pump station.