HASBROUCK HEIGHTS, NJ - There was plenty of business other than the 2020 Budget conducted at Wednesday night’s two-hour meeting of the Hasbrouck Heights Mayor and Council. 

The Council passed the following items as part of the Consent Agenda.

93. Payroll 

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94. Authorizing Approval for Licenses, for Commercial Sale of Certain Motor Vehicles, for Certain Motor Vehicle Dealers

  • Arrgie LLC   92 Railroad Ave  Suite 131  

95. Authorizing Treasurer to Issue a Check for the Mayor’s Scholarship Award 

96. Authorizing Treasurer to Issue a Check for the Andrew Feintuch Memorial Scholarship Award

97. Authorizing Treasurer to Issue Checks for the Mary B. Quigg Scholarship 


98. Authorizing payment of fees to State – State Training Fees 1st qtr 2020 

101. Authorizing Inclusion in the Bergen County Community Development Program 

102. Authorizing Execution of an Agreement with the County of Bergen to Establish the Bergen County Community Development Program (Supersedes July 1, 2000 Agreement) 

103. Authorizing the Person-to-Person Transfer of Liquor License 0225-36-0- 001 from Hasbrouck Management, LLC to CP Hasbrouck LLC 

104. Authorizing Payment of Fees to State – Dog Licenses 

105. Authorizing Administrator/ CFO to act as signatory on CARES Act related documents 

106. Authorizing the submission of the Open Space Application for Resilient Surface for the playground at Woodland Park 

107. Authorizing Emergency Sewer Repairs 

108. Authorizing Contract with Fieldturf for the replacement of the synthetic turf field and running track at Depken Field pursuant to Shared Services Contract with HHBOE.

During the Communications, Petitions and Bids section of the meeting the Council accepted a letter from Chief Gumbrecht regarding the resignation of Carmela Risquet from the Hasbrouck Heights Fire Department. A letter of thanks regarding the HH EMS and Police Departments during a recent 9-1-1 call was accepted after being read into the record at request of Councilman Ron Kistner.  

The minutes of the May 12 Regular and Work Session Minutes, May 19 Special Budget Meeting, May 27 Special Budget Meeting were approved by the Council.  

Robert Bing, Environmental Commission Liaison. presented an update to the Mayor and Council. Bing noted that it was first update to the Council since he was appointed the Liaison.  He noted that the committee has continued to meet, on a monthly basis, during the COVID-19 crisis, albeit in a streamlined manner.

“The approach we have taken is to manage this through a steering committee, which is a smaller group of individuals that is determining the direction,” Bing stated.  “As we determine what acts we would like to accomplish they will then bring in other to participate and help there.”

Bing praised the Commission members, most who have been there longer than he has, before, listing the accomplishments of the year so far.

  1. Recycling Garbage Cans placed on the Boulevard.

  2. 2020 Preserving Our Planet Poster Award Winners 

Next steps the Commission is working on include addition recycling cans for not only the Boulevard, but other high-traffic areas in town, including the athletic fields; schedule a “Town Clean-up Day”, publish a calendar of events to help publicize the commissions efforts and to get more people involved, and a shredding day, which was re-scheduled for September.  

He added that there are a number of ideas that come up in the meetings that require the support of the Mayor and the Council. Going forward, Bing stated that they would be developing formal proposals, with pros/cons and any associated costs with the project.  The proposals could then be presented to the Council for review and approval


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