WOOD-RIDGE, NJ - Bergen County Clerk John Hogan presented Wood-Ridge Mayor Paul Sarlo and the Council with a Historical Preservation Poster depicting several historical documents that are kept on file at the County Clerk’s office.  

Hogan also spoke briefly about the documents, including the results of the election that created the Borough of Wood-Ridge and several recognition certificates awarded to firefighters from Wood-Ridge nearly 100 years ago.  Hogan mentioned that he has been touring Bergen County visiting every town, and that after visiting Wood-Ridge, Teaneck would be the final town to receive a visit.

Following Hogan’s presentation, and the presentation to Ronald Phillips Sr. for 50 years of service to the Wood-Ridge Fire Department, the Council was onto regular business.

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Two ordinances on second reading and final passage were voted on and passed 5-0 (Councilman Ezio Altamura was not in attendance at the meeting.)

Ordinance 2019-3 Calendar Year 2019 Ordinance to Exceed the Municipal Budget Appropriation Limits and to Establish a Cap Bank.  Under NJSA 40AL4045.15a, a Cap Bank provides that a municipality, when authorized by ordinance, appropriate the difference between the amount of its actual final appropriation and the 3.5% percentage rate as an exception to its final appropriations in either of the next two succeeding years.

The Borough Council of Wood-Ridge finds it advisable and necessary to increase its CY 2019 budget by up to 3.5% over the previous year’s final appropriations in the interest of promoting the health, safety and welfare of the citizens.

The Borough Council has determined that a 1.0% increase in the budget , amounting to $127,075, in excess of the increase in final appropriations otherwise permitted by the Local Government Cap Law is advisable and necessary.


An ordinance approving the 2019 Wesmont Station Redevelopment Plan, which amends the 2012 Wesmont Redevelopment Plan was passed 5-0.

The Mayor and Council of the Borough of Wood-Ridge authorized a plan that will be unveiled at a public meeting at a later date to adjust the redevelopment plan to authorize changes to the 2012 plan to include the development of recreation fields at the Wesmont Station development.

The following ordinances were passed on first reading.

Ordinance 2019-5 - Amends section Chapter 530 Entitled Zoning

Ordinance 2019-6 - Establishing the Wood-Ridge Municipal Alliance against Substance Abuse

Ordinance 2019-7 - To fix the salary, wages and compensation of the officers and employees of the Borough of Wood-Ridge.

The Consent Agenda which included.

Approval of the minutes of the Meeting of March 20, 2019


066-2019 Resolution Authorizing Payment of Bills.

067-2019 Resolution Recognizing Bergen County American Legion Centennial Committee.

068-2019 Resolution Acknowledging the Acquisition of Professional Insurance Associates Inc. and PIA Security Programs, Inc. in Accordance with the Public Contract for Insurance Consulting Services for 2019.

069-2019 Resolution Authorizing Mayor to Execute Contract with Verizon to Provide Emergency Subscriber Listing Service for Reverse 911 System in the Borough.

070-2019 Resolution of Dedication of Marshall Lane property as Municipal Open Space and Park Land.

071-2019 Resolution Authorizing Calculation of the Minimum Appropriation Reserve for Uncollected Taxes in the 2019 Budget.

072-2019 Resolution Approving Introduction of 2019 Budget.

073-2019 Resolution Approving Person to Person Liquor License Transfer of Thinny Thin LLC to Cousin Vinnys Wood Ridge LLC.


  1. Application for block party for Easter Egg Hunt at the dead end of Helm Avenue

on April 13, 2019 from 6:30 pm to 11:00 pm.

All applications listed above have been reviewed and approved by the Wood-Ridge Police Department.


a. Chris Eilert, John Fantacone, Michael O’Donnell and Scott Drotos to attend Designated Employee Training Seminar on April 25, 2019.




a. Resignation of Kevin Cribben from the Department of Public Works effective April 3, 2019.


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