WOOD-RIDGE, NJ  -- One week ahead of Earth Day, Wood-Ridge elementary students learned about the importance of litter control, recycling, and keeping the town beautiful.

On Monday, April 15, the 98 second graders at Catherine E. Doyle School were once again greeted by Joan Wilkinson from the Bergen County Health Department who spoke about recycling, reusing, and the significance of litter control and the environment. This program is all part of the Keep Wood-Ridge Beautiful Committee's initiative on clean communities.

Councilman Ezio Altamura, Chairman of the KWRB Committee, introduced Wilkinson and spoke about the importance of recycling and helping to Keep Wood-Ridge Beautiful. A powerpoint presentation displayed many images that were most poignant regarding the impact of littering on the environment and how the simple act of recycling items lessens the load of littering's impact.  The students learned "how long" it takes for specific items in trash (paper, plastic, aluminum, glass) to break down and disintegrate from our environment.  The students were very focused on the impact of Marine life with mindless littering. 

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According to Anthony Albro, Doyle School principal, the presentation "aligns well with the Science curriculum, and the upcoming Earth Day.  For Earth Day, the second grade students will make a collective effort to collect trash items in the school block perimeter, as a project, and will recycle or dispose of items appropriately.  Later in the school year, the students create "trash monsters" using only recycling items.  It all plays a big part in teaching our children the responsibilities of maintaining a clean environment, and the relative ease to do so.  One of our students was astonished to learn that a cigarette filter, is made of plastic, and can remain on a beach for an incredible amount of years." He noted many of the students simply shook their heads stating, "it does not take much to keep our environment clean and healthy."

"It is important for our young students to understand the importance of littering, recycling and keeping Wood-Ridge beautiful because it affects their future," said Altamura. "A clean community now will promote a clean community in the future.  They can set a good example for others of all ages. Keep Wood-Ridge Beautiful is celebrating 20 years of clean communities!"


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