WOOD-RIDGE, NJ - Physical therapists are among essential workers who remain open during the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis.

Dr. Aylin Mahmut of Get Well Physical Therapy in Wood-Ridge, continues to be an essential healthcare professional who remains open to patients for post-surgical PT and pain management. Mahmut is implementing proper protocols, including having only one patient in the office at a time and practicing social distancing. She wears a mask and glove when treating a patient, and provides masks and gloves for her patients to wear during the appointment and on the way home.

Dr. Mahmut penned the following article to provide some tips and advice about importance of proper posture.

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Here at Get Well PT,  we are passionate about educating people on helping themselves, more so at a time like this when almost everyone is either working from home or spending long hours on the couch! 

Now while some of us are lucky to have a home office with an ergonomic chair, not all of us are that fortunate. If you're working from your couch, dining table or even a lawn chair, you're likely to develop poor posture that can lead to long term problems.

Bad posture may lead to overstretching of some muscles, while others may become stiff and tight. When standing, bending, or lifting objects improperly or slouching while sitting, postural muscles begin to overwork. If this happens, muscle pain and joint damage may develop. Research also shows that a large number of people who suffer from back pain do so as a result of bad posture.  

There are certain strategies that can be used to maintain proper posture while engaging in daily activities.

1) When working from home

It's important to make sure your computer screen is at eye level and that the height of your chair allows your hands to be parallel with your desk, especially if you sit at your computer for long hours. This helps you avoid slouching in your chair or bending forward while working on the computer. 

2) When doing chores at home

When doing housework such as ironing, the ironing board should be positioned in a manner that prevents you from having to bend over. Bending over while vacuuming, sweeping, and shoveling (e.g., leaves or snow) should also be avoided.

3) When driving or sitting for long periods

While driving, the seat should be in a position that allows your back to press comfortably against the back of the seat in an upright position. The upper body should not lean too far forward or backwards while driving, but should be reclined slightly.

If you are experiencing neck, shoulder, or back pain that you think may be the result of poor posture, our trained professionals can show you stretching exercises and Physical Therapy methods that have proven to be useful.

Don't wait too long to get help! A better you starts today! 

Get Well Physical Therapy is located at 253 Valley Boulevard in Wood-Ridge, NJ.


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