HASBROUCK HEIGHTS, NJ - It was the first day of remote learning for families throughout Bergen County. TAPinto took the pulse of Hasbrouck Heights and Wood-Ridge families to see how they fared after day one.

Last Thursday, Bergen County Executive James Tedesco ordered all school districts closed as the end of the day on Friday. Both Hasbrouck Heights and Wood-Ridge districts arranged for remote learning through Google classrooms, and internet-based learning programs.

Shannon Porto: "My success was Caidence was able to complete her school day on her own because I was work. Even with her learning difficulties mainly focus retention and organization she was well-informed and was able to complete her tasks as instructed. I called to check on her, and she rushed me off the phone because she was "in class." Kudos to our district."

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Mary Blanusa: "Everything went smoothly but the instruction is lacking the rigor of regular classes. Even a half day schedule in person can not provide the same level of learning as a full day schedule. My greatest concern is how this will impact AP tests, we have already paid for the tests, and they are very meaningful for colleges. I worry that our kids will not do as well on the APs without the in person full schedule instruction." She also expressed concern "that all kids will experience the COVID slide - similar to the summer slide when many students regress on reading and math levels." 

Mike Cappadona: "No hitches. Everything worked according to plan. Hasbrouck Heights Schools did a great job prepping for this."

Meredith Torres: "Challenge was trying to do my own work while at the same time answering the many questions my kids had throughout their online activities. But overall we all did well on the first day!"

Jennifer Ober: "Success: boys did it all on their own. Challenge: working with a five-year old while trying to work from home. Solution: we're doing Ashley’s now! (at night)"

Renata Sedycias: "My girl was up early before me. She worked from 7am to 12noon. All by herself. Few questions but handled on her own brainstorming with friends. She is in eight grade. My fifth grader did his work too. Took a break. Was a little uneasy with sitting for four hours on his own, but he did it. I checked his work quickly. We survived the first day."

Jodi O'Connor: "My college son is currently in his bedroom in Calculus class until 9:15. Sorry to see his freshman year-end this way but hope everyone stays healthy!"

Hector Castro: I "Consider it a success for me. Kids struggled with the actual work earlier but it will take some getting used to."

Krista Maria: I had five kids of all different age levels, two with IEPs , three different “class time” schedules, and a pre-K to juggle around nap time. We made it threw though and all passed their tests and made it happen!"

And sometimes it's the small things that are a victory, like for Susan LeConte.

"My success is finding the mouse lost in deep depths of my junk draw that plugs into a computer so my eight-year old had an easier time scrolling on the Chrome book," she said.


(Editor's Note: Share your success or challenge from the first day of remote learning. Email or PM TAPinto with your story and photo.)


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